XIAZ finance (BEP20) is a Private Centralized digital assets on Binance smart contract.

Join in #XIAZ DropToken
Send 0.02 BNB to 0x06c14B118d8AD0792064bffF4035309777654426
Get plus 2 #XIAZ
~If 0.02 BNB is $5, then you will receive 7XIAZ
Distribution: March 30, 2021

Send 0.007 BNB to Get 2 to 5 XIAZ (Random)
Send 0.007 BNB to 0x06c14B118d8AD0792064bffF4035309777654426
Distribution: Within 24 hrs


Xiaz is an Asset of Xiazfinace Group. A centralized Private Digital Asset powered by Binance Smart Contract (BEP20).

We already acquired the first 200 Wallet XIAZ supporters and are on 2nd stage the AIRDROP Promotion campaign.

How to BUY $XIAZ on PancakeSwap?

  1. First, Download Trustwallet
  2. 2.Create Binance Smart Account (Smart Chain), save your Private keys, seed…

Xiaz Tech

Private Digital Assets on Binance Smart Contract

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